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The Family Circle

Supporting the Learning of our Community

The Strengthening the Family Circle Program supports the learning of parents in our community through the sharing of hands-on life lessons such as: Positive Communication, Healthy Relationships, Traditional Parenting, Life Skills, Healthy Nutrition, and Creative Play. 

The Sagitawa Friendship Society has been a long-established, helping agency in Peace River, Alberta. We offer a friendly, respectful environment for children to play, learn, and express themselves while providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to meet and develop social networks. “Education is Power” the Elders teach us. Our unique Family Program is client driven, individualized and builds on the skills and expertise that your family already possesses. 

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This program also provides access to:

Moccasin Telegraph Parent Zone:

To connect with other families in Peace River and surrounding territory.

Dad's Corner:

Support, educate, and share ideas for father’s to positively share parenting time with their children.

Red Flags Section:

That can help you decide when you or your child may need to go to a health care provider to get needed services for your family in the following areas: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Parenting Q&A:

Where we work together with knowledge keepers in prenatal education, child development, and parenting to seek answers to your questions.

Program Coordinator and Parent Educator Complete Referrals: 

At your request to additional services and programming for every member of your family.

Women's Group:

To create a community of strong healthy women through peer support, community connections, and positive relationships. 

Men's Group:

To create a community of strong healthy men through cultural connection, peer support, and networking.

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever do. Children don't come with a "how to" manual and it can be tough at times. It doesn't matter how older your child is, you can:

Give your child love and attention everyday

Comfort your child when they are upset, sick or hurt

Play or read with your child everyday 

Understand your child's temperament and what they can do for their age

Make sure you all get enough sleep and eat nutritious, good food

Be a good role model - children learn from what they see and hear 

Have a routine for play time, meals, and bedtime

Praise and encourage your child

"The gifts of our children are our best teacher and Strengthening the Family Circle Program will strive to support each other as a community to learn that we are all apart of something greater than ourselves."
- Maxine Elter

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