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Circle of Life

Exploring, developing, and implementing strategies in Sagitawa Friendship Society where the cancer care journey is self-determined by Indigenous peoples living in Peace River and surrounding communities in which health care access is equitable and culturally safe.


Community Engagement:

Develop an understanding of community members’ experiences along the cancer care journey specific to Sagitawa Friendship Society.


Develop community-based programming to increase community awareness about cancer, cancer care journey supports and services as well as to support culturally safe cancer care.

Navigation Support:

In relationship with service providers and cultural supports, develop a culturally safe and supported cancer care navigation process in Sagitawa Friendship Society.

Environmental Scan:

Looking Forward: Develop policy and program recommendations to promote/advocate for improved health outcomes for the Sagitawa Friendship Centre community.

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“Our Elders' say that education is power and that if we learn something that is needed by our people it is our responsibility then to share that information to help others.”
Maxine Elter, Navigator

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