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Ground Level Youth Centre

Culture | Wellness | Sports | Art | Mentorship | Leadership | Fun

Services Offered:

  • Ongoing after school programming

  • Safe and inclusive environment

  • Skill building, personal development, and collective responsibilities

  • Travel and Leadership opportunities

  • Connection to community

  • Free WIFI and homework help

Service Benefits:

  • Higher confidence

  • More opportunities

  • Skill Development

  • Healthy peer groups

  • Trusted mentors

  • Healthy role models


Youth Centre Programs:

Hear Me Roar
Every Tuesday 5pm - 6pm

Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar was designed specially for our female youth. This program combines self development, life skills, talking circles, and mentorship to give girls the tools they need to live healthy successful lives.

Self Esteem: The goal of this program is to help our youth to build up their self esteem through a variety of different fun activities.

Health Relationships: Healthy relationships is a big part of our program. We aim to educate the youth on what a healthy relationships is, setting boundaries and how to keep themselves safe.

Empowerment: Through this program our female youth will be empowered to make positive choices and to advocate for themselves and others.

Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 12.36.46 PM.png
Man Up

Zombie Apocalypse Training 
Every Tuesday 6pm - 7pm

Come prepare for a zombie apocalypse with specialized training at the Ground Level Youth Centre! This program is designed to pair zombie apocalypse training with practical life skills and traditional values to help our male participants to be successful.

Courage: Through this program the youth will be empowered to advocate for themselves and others.

Fun: The main goal of this program is FUN! The youth will participant in fun “ training sessions” that will build their self– esteem, communication skills, coping skills and life skills.

Strength: Through this program, the youth will find their inner power. They will learn skills on how to use their talents and passions to help them- selves and others.

NIHA Safety Squad

Northern Indigenous Health Alliance
Monthly at the Youth Centre

The Northern Indigenous Health Alliance (NIHA) facilitates Safety Squad once a month at Ground Level Youth Centre. Safety Squad is based in a harm reduction approach and the goal of the program is to give youth the tools they need to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Harm Reduction: Providing youth with education around harm reduction and they can apply harm reduction to their own lives.

Health Relationships: The youth will gain knowledge on how they can be in healthy relationships. This includes family, friends, and romantic relationships.

Sex Education: Using a harm reduction approach, the youth will gain knowledge on sex positivity, consent, contraceptives, reproductive systems and much more!

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Wisdom Seeker

Weekly at the Youth Centre

The Wisdom Seekers Program aims to address and implement youth resiliency in slowing down or putting a stop in the transmission of intergenerational trauma by promoting positive connections.

How is Mentorship the solution?

  • Creating a welcoming, safe, respectful and inclusive environment

  • Role Modeling and promoting healthy relationship skills values and acceptance

  • Promoting healthy mental well-being by positive interactions

  • Providing security, stability , belonging, develop resiliency and decrease stressors

Mad Scientists

Monthly at the Youth Centre

Bring your best Mad Scientist laugh and join us for some awesome science experiments, once a month!

Monthly at the Youth Centre

The Myth Busters program aims to debunk myths and stereotypes around Indigenous Culture.

Myth Busters

Monthly at the Youth Centre

The Get Fit program gives youth a chance to workout in a group setting. During the program youth participate in different kinds of workouts including: Circuit training, outside workouts, and partner training.

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Endurance

  • Team Building


Monthly at the Youth Centre

Once a month, cooking workshops are held for the youth. The youth learn kitchen safety, different cooking techniques, how to cook different foods and they get to enjoy the meals that they prepare.

Filling our Tipis

Weekly at the Youth Centre

Fostering Bridges to mentally well urban youth. A holistic resiliency model for urban youth.

Filling our tipis is provided to the youth to reduce suicidal ideation by holistic means. At the youth centre we are working on reducing mental health stigmas and increasing the access to supports in the community. Youth learn skills they can use by themselves or with others in various situations where they may be struggling. In this program we draw upon 13 of the tipi pole teachings to help youth find support in the community and themselves by increasing their self esteem, self confidence, and willingness to seek help.

Supports: Youth begin to identify healthy supports in their lives by identifying supports in the community, in their lives, connecting to indigenous culture and to elders and knowledge keepers.​

Reducing Stigmas: Youth are presented with facts about mental health/ well- ness in an open space where all questions are welcomed, we bring knowledge to the youth about mental wellness and how to become a supporter to the community.

Holistic Means: Youth learn many skills such as practicing mindfulness through thoughtful Thursdays, identifying healthy role models, one on one conversation, and various fun activities that help youth identify how hey are feeling and what their goals are.

Youth Employment Program

Weekly at the Youth Centre

Helping Youth gain the skills they need to be productive members of the workforce.

The goal of the Youth Employment program at Sagitawa is to help youth gain essential skills to make them more employable, confident and ready to join the workforce. This will be achieved through various programming, including an employment readiness seminar, weekly skill development activities, and one on one assistance availability.

Employment Readiness Program: In order to help youth prepare for the workforce, different programs and activities are available to assist in improving employment skills, including:

  • Employment Readiness Seminar

  • Weekly Employment Skills Activities

  • Community Engagement Presentations

Training & Tickets: The Youth Employment Program is also able to provide access to safety training and tickets for youth who are in the process of becoming members of the workforce or finishing their schooling This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Safety Training (i.e. First Aid, H2S, Fall Protection)

  • Tutoring Services

  • Diploma Preparation Courses

1 on 1 Assistance: In addition to the programs being offered, our Youth Employment Program Coordinator will also be available for 1 on 1 assistance and support in many different areas, such as:

  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing

  • Job applications

  • School applications

All of these programs are designed to improve skills in areas such as resume writing, communication, conflict management, and appropriate workplace etiquette. This will also connect youth to different career options that they may not be aware of.

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