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Food Security
Charley's Good Food Box

What is food security? 

People are considered food secure when they have availability and access at all times to enough safe, nutritious food in order to maintain a healthy and active life. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the end of the money comes before the end of the month, and not everyone in our community is food secure. 

To help, Sagitawa has several programs aimed at helping families access nutritious and delicious foods. 

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Would like to be healthier as a family?

The Good Food Box is a program at the Sagitawa Friendship Centre designed to promote healthy eating, particularly in families with fewer resources to buy food. Once a month, families are able to buy a $60 value box of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products at a cost of $20! 

Each box will come with a fun, interactive workshop with tips on how to use the produce, and delicious recipe ideas.

Want to sign up?

Phone our office on the 1st of the month at (780) 624-2443 to sign up, and pay by the 10th (cash only). We have limited spots available.

We are an organization that supports inclusivity, therefore our programs are open to everyone

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